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Welcome to my portfolio site. Here you can see some of the projects that I have worked on as well as a bit about myself.

The featured projects touch different types of games with different mechanics. Canceled Noise is a simple game that has players moving around a grid. While Decor Hero allows players to decorate a room using a gun. KtM has players working their way up the social ladder to get their shot at the mayor. While Pokeball Mechanics is a simple console based demo dealing with the catch rate mechanics behind Pokemon. Finally, there is my top-down debug room to try out different mechanics similar to a Link's Awakening style of game. You can find more detailed information about each project in their respective pages below.


Further Projects

Those interested in seeing some of the other projects I have worked on can check them out below at:

Level 2: Experience

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I have always been on interested in learning. Reading has always been a great source of knowledge for me. At Manhattanville College, I actually spent time double majoring in not just Computer Science but also in Studio Art with a focus on Computer Graphics. This lead to me getting a MS in Computer Science from Pace University that included opportunities to learn about AI and Unreal Programming.

But, that was never really enough for me. I continued my pursuits in education taking a large variety of courses and workshops. Through NYU Game Center I was able to learn about the MDA process of game design from Marc LeBlanc. At Playcrafting, I learned about a variety of topics that included UX, Education Design, Pixel Art, Writing, Tabletop design, and Legal aspects of game development. From there I furthered my education by taking the UX workshop at General Assembly. Coursera provided a great opportunity to learn from Unity on how to prepare for their Certification Exam that I ended up earning in May of 2020.

My pursuit of learning never really has ended as I am consistently trying to learn new things. Even taking classes from Story Telling Collective to learn more about writing for Tabletop RPGs.

My Career - So Far...


My game industry career actually began with a Game Testing job with XS Games. At XS Games, I had the opportunity to learn from some amazing people and a chance to work on games while learning more about the industry. Games were on a variety of platforms that included the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and iOS. Being there I was able to learn much from being a tester but also on how to be a lead of a team of testers. Also, I was able to gain experience working directly with technical requirements from hardware manufactures and creating daily builds.

From there I had a day job working at Sony while working as a Game Developer on the side for a mobile game. That game was called Mutton Math with the goal of teaching kids how to solve problems by counting sheep. The game was released on iOS and Android developed using Unity.

While working in Advertising, I ended up at Eyeview Digital that focused on creating dynamic and customized ads. Initially, my work involved developing logic and functionality for dynamic / interactive video ads working with APIs revolving around complex logic customized around users. This was an interesting experience that helped my development as a Software Engineer that had me eventually developing tools and Continuous Integration capabilities for the team handling the logic for the Dynamic Ads.

Currently, I work at a small startup that leverages Unity and 3D visualization around garment design and development. This role has allowed me to develop my skills around 3D visualizations, developing complex User Interfaces, and development on platforms including Web, Mac, Windows, and Mobile. I was also responsible for the configuration of our pipelines to execute Unity tests before automatically creating builds for test or release.



Level 3: About

"Less but better." -Dieter Rams

"Become acquainted with every art." -Miyamoto Musashi

About Paul

Hi Everyone! I am Paul Quinones and you have seen what I have done but you may be wondering who I am...Well let me tell you!

I am a Game / Software Developer that has been interested in games and technology for a long time. I am a developer focused on creating interesting experiences around game mechanics and finding ways to share that experience with others. "Less But Better" is a quote that I try to focus on with various games I have worked on to make a mechanic and polish it to a point of fun. My goal is to share this interest with others be it through games created or videos to teach about game mechanics.

My interests in playing games helps in learning more about how they tick. But, I also enjoy getting behind the scenes of how things work which has helped fuel my hobby of building computers and modding tech to make something better. I also enjoy artistic pursuits on my free time as an outlet for inspiration such as Photoshop for Evil, Painting Miniatures / Gundams, Drawing / Sketching, and Writing.


If you want to chat or learn about Photoshop for Evil: Email