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"Less but better." -Dieter Rams

"Become acquainted with every art." -Miyamoto Musashi

About Paul

Hi Everyone! I am Paul Quinones and you may be wondering who I am...Well I am a Game Developer that specializes in Programming! I have a focus in Tools and UI Engineer with over 8 years of experience working in Games, Design Software, and Dynamic / Interactive Video Advertising. As a Game Developer my goal is to create experiences that can bring people together.

Level 2: Projects

Welcome to the portfolio site of Paul Quinones. A place where you can see projects he has worked on along with some details about him.

Featured projects are games with mechanics like platforming to FPS decorator to bear driving.

Projects - Developer

Hyper Bimbo Beats

Indie Game Academy 2023: Level 3 - Pitch Night Winner

Hyper Bimbo Beats is a Mobile Rhythm Survival Game released on iOS and Android!

Published by Super Pose Press & Created by Plunder Inc

In HBB, players take on toxic masculinity with unapologetic fem-pop powers transforming toxic dudes into cute and lovable cat-boys! Drag, swipe, and release to the beat. The more accurate to the beat the easier it is to turn the yuck to kitty boy yay. The game features a narrative where players are trying to help Lilith get back her persona and own her feminine power.

As the Gameplay Programmer / Architect, some of the work I did on this project includes:

Romancing Jan Society Pages

Romancing Jan Lore and History In-World Newspaper Application for Mobile!

Published by Rainbow Unicorn Games

This app is perfect for whether you are actively playing Romancing Jan or just wish to read stories based in a diverse Regency world inspired by authors such as Jane Austen.

As the Release Engineer, the work I did on this project includes:

Garment Digital Twin

Garment Digital Twin is Fashion Design Software focused on reducing waste!

Published by Clothing Tech LLC

Garment Digital Twin is Fashion Design Software built for both Windows and Mac systems. This software looks to revolutionize the fashion industry by streamlining the design process and assisting in reduction of physical waste created from design samples. The technology behind the software looks to also assist retail with reduction of waste created from returns of clothing.

As a Software Developer on this project, some of the work I did includes:

Al Dente

Al Dente The Pasta Escape Platformer for Desktop and Web!

Created by Plunder Inc

Al Dente is a 2D Platformer created using Unity for both Web and Windows. Players take on the role of a gnocchi trying to make its escape out of the boiling abyss of the pot and reach freedom. As this gnocchi players have the opportunity to save gnocchi friends from the heat as players work toward the top of the pot.

As the Game Programmer on Al Dente, the work I did on this game included:

Decor Hero

GGJ 2019: Highest APM Award (Microsoft + Playcrafting)

Decor Hero The FPS Sandbox Decorating Game!

Created by Paul Q - Solo Dev

Decor Hero was built for Windows PCs during the Global Game Jam making use of Unity. Decor Hero places players in a blank canvas of a room and players have the ability to decorate this room however they want. Once satisfied players can decide to reach room decorating enlightenment.

As the Sole Developer on Decor Hero, I worked on the following for this project:

PaulPrograms on YouTube

PaulPrograms goal is to provide a look behind the scenes of game development to help developers out there learn more about game mechanics and bring people together with games.

Level 3: Working Together

I have experience in Mentoring, Speaking / Lecturing, Teaching Workshops, Programming Software, Web Development, Game Designing, Game Testing and Technical Writing. If you are interested in working together I can be reached by Email or LinkedIn to chat about opportunities and rates.

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