Deceptive Platformer
Roles: 2D Artist & Designer

Deceptive Platformer was created during the Global Game Jam. The players goal in each level is to reach the level door to progress to the next level. Along the way players must traverse platforms but not all platforms are what they seem. Some will change the way players move while others will change how the world is displayed. Each level will have players facing new challenges and adapting to the various platforms in order to reach the end.

On this project I worked together with other artists to determine the look and design of the game's platforms and background. I also contributed to the design of the game with the cow platform that changes the players control scheme completely. I worked on a few of the platform and level backgrounds designs that are featured in the game. This game also won best game of jam at our location voted on by our peers. The only real shame is that we didn't name this game "It's a trap!"


Roles: Artist, Programmer, Designer

KtM aka Kill the Mayor is another project that was created during the Global Game Jam as a more experimental project. This game has you infiltrating a swaggy party in order to get close to the mayor and bring an end to him. The game plays out in first person and has players conversing with other guests and working their way closer to the mayor and his circle by accomplishing various tasks.

This project was actually created by myself and one other person so there were various roles each of us had to take on. One was the design of the game, which was a collaboration between the two of us. For the art and design, I took the lead on that and designed all the characters and scenery that can be seen in the game. On the programming side, I assisted on the code that manages the various game states and made sure that the appropriate state changes were made to allow players to progress in the game. This included some tweaking to menu states and player states to allow the game to progress forward.

Dark Matters
Roles: Programmer, Artist, Designer

Dark Matters was created during the Global Game Jam. The game has players avoid nightmare creatures that chase the player down a never ending hallway. Players must run, jump, and dash to avoid these creatures while hunting for items to make them least for a short time. Try to survive the constant onslaught of nightmares.

On this project I worked on my own to design, develop, and create the art assets for this game. It was a great opportunity to oversee the whole development process from various lenses and really experience the process on my own. The game provided a great chance to work with various Unity 2D features that I don't usually get a chance to work with. This project also allowed for me to work on creating a game that manipulates various resources to give the appearance of a never ending hallway. This kind of optimization, from a technical standpoint, allowed to avoid creating new assets and recycled to allow for better performance. The art side had me work on simplifying things because I was working on my own. I actually drew out sprites and imported them digitally using a Wacom Bamboo Slate and then photoshop to turn them into silhouettes.


Mutton Math
Roles: Developer

Mutton Math is a game that plays on the idea of counting sheep to go to sleep and takes it to the next level. This game had players working on cumulatively add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers to determine the total at the end of each round. And you thought counting sheep was going to be aa simple as one two three.

As a freelance developer, I worked closely together with the artists and designers to implement their goal for the game and make sure it fit to their design. I worked heavily in unity to make assemble the game and create the various backend systems that managed game states, difficulty, display of UI & characters, and the system that managed all the math work. I handled the testing on various devices including iOS and Android.

Pulse in the Dark
Roles: Level Designer & Programmer

Pulse in the Dark is an exploration game developed for the Global Game Jam that centers around the theme of a heartbeat. This game has players take control of a shrunken sub that is exploring inside of a heart to heal it from damaged caused by bacteria. Players have to navigate around deadly bacteria and avoid white blood cells to survive.

On this project, I took on various roles that included some production work of managing schedules so we can hit our self imposed milestones. I designed the game level within Unity3D using the models created by the artists/modelers and made sure that collision in the game functioned properly. I contributed to the coding of UI elements and tweaks to help improve the fluidity of the player's movement.

Lone Warrior - HTML 5 Test
Roles: Programmer, Artist, Designer

Lone Warrior is a simple browser game developed to test out the native capabilities of HTML5 to develop a game that would work on both browsers and mobile devices. The player controls a knight with various ninjas running at him for various directions. Players will press arrow keys or tap on the side of the screen ninjas are approaching from. There are various waves and ninjas get faster as more and more waves are passed. Players also build up a super meter that can unleash a screen clearing attack.

In this experimental project my goal was to make a game that used only HTML5 and would be able to be played on mobile devices. I developed this game using only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I created the various sprites that show up in the game and implemented them onto the cavas element that functions as the viewport for the game graphics. This was a great test in seeing how powerful HTML5 can be when used for game development and has allowed for other prototypes while opening up possibilities for some smaller mobile browser projects.


XS Games - Various Titles
Projects and Roles:

Senior Quality Assurance Technical Lead:
Bass Pro Shops The Strike TE and Bass Pro Shops The Hunt TS

Technical Quality Assurance Analyst:
The Red Star PSP, The Red Star iOS, Junior League Sports, My Personal Golf Trainer, Crazy Mini Golf 2, Super Pickups Wii, and Power Punch

Quality Assurance Analyst:
Aqua Panic DS, Aqua Panic Wii, PopStar Guitar Wii, PopStar Guitar PS2, Rebel Raiders Wii, Ten Pin Alley 2, Bass Pro Shops The Strike, Bass Pro Shops The Hunt, and Commando Steel Disaster