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Work Experience:
Eyeview Digital, New York, NY - Integration Engineer
I currently work at Eyeview Digital, which focuses on delivering video advertisements that focus on increasing performance with consumers (money multiplication). This is accomplished through the use of data to target ads toward the right consumers (#wegonnafindyou). Another ability that has helped the company accomplish this is the custom dynamic creative that takes a single creative and creates thousands upon thousands of variants based on various factors that can include location and weather data (one video customized in ways you couldn't even imagine to make many aka legal cloning).

My role involves working with the creative team (awesome art people) to design data feeds and work with back end systems to create the variants that get displayed. To accomplish this goal my team (the wizards of tech) develops code using Java and Python that makes use of various APIs including weather underground and ShopLocal. I have also worked with Twitter and Bing APIs inorder to obtain data that gets displayed inside of various video ads (PGA Leaderboard anyone). I have also taken on the task of creating various tools to help streamline the day to day work of not only my department but other departments that work with us. This has involved working with HTML, Javascript, and JQuery to create webtools that can create mock VAST XMLs and make streamlined edits to custom creative files. Also, I have worked very closely with the Bing API in Java to make our multipin map solution even better (standardized and're welcome).
Ziff Davis, New York, NY - Campaign Manager
Ziff Davis is a leader in digital publishing that has been reponsible for several popular websites that include PC Magazine, IGN, and Each of their sites works to bring the latest and greatest tech to its readers and consumers.

I actually worked on the advertising side for Ziff Davis sites that included PC Magazine,, ExtremeTech, and Toolbox. So no worries about me writing any reviews on IGN. Day to day duties included the setup and running of various ad campaigns running on our sites. This included making sure everything displayed properly and that custom units did not break anything on the site (QA professional at work). I also used my technical experience to make tools for testing out various ad units with ease on our test sites and make tweaks to improve the performance of ad tags provided to us. This position also provided a great foundation for learning the inner workings of advertising and technology used.
Sony DADC, New York, NY - Onboarding Engineer
Sony DADC is responsible for the management of Sony Music's content distribution system that handled how ablum information was provided to distributors aka the place you download those dope tracks from.

I assisted Partners with migration over to new supply chain using DDEX specification (XML schema for music distribution to various music distribution channels) that has saw dozens of partners already migrated and several more in the process of being migrated over. I programed scripts and tools to help streamline repetitious tasks that results in quicker turnaround times when delivering sample products (time = money = #truestory). I performed SQL queries to verify product content XMLs were generated and delivered properly before being released to various partners for them to continue the onboarding process on their end. This meant going into the backend and checking out various logs to determine where issues may be occuring in the generation or delivery of content to a distributor. #OnceQAAlwaysQA
Shadow Keep Studios, New York, NY - Freelance Developer
Shadow Keep Studios is a small games developer that worked on several projects including the released mobile game Mutton Math that focused on using gameplay to teach math.

I collaborated with artists and designer to implement various game mechanics, features, sound effects, and art assets into the Unity3D game engine, which made it into the released title, Mutton Math. In Unity3D, I worked with both their version of JavaScript and C# in order implement backend systems that managed gameplay and game states. I created a framework for an unreleased top-down arcade shooter that could eventually be used for future titles. Some would say I laid down the foundation like I was Bob Vila (old reference I know).
XS Games, New York, NY - Senior Quality Assurance Technical Lead
Other Roles
Technical Quality Assurance Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst

XS Games is a games publisher that released titles across various platforms that included PS1, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS, Xbox, and iOS.

I originally started out working as a general Quality Assurance Analyst for XS Games. This involved rolling up my sleves and jumping into the thick of various titles to determine where game breaking bugs were and to replicate the steps to make them occur. Some systems I performed these checks on were for the DS, PS2, and Wii. Eventually I was trained on how to perform technical requirements testing required to pass manufacture guidelines set by both Sony and Nintendo. This meant having to gain intimate knowledge of how various consoles worked and how to use test kits to ensure performance was consistent across the board. It also meant loading builds onto discs and test systems. I managed a small team of testers on various projects and provided them with various tasks that included destructive testing, completion tests, and eye checks to ensure text and graphics were not distorted. #AllWeDoIsTest #WhoseHouseQAsHouse
NYU Game Center, New York, NY
Master Class Workshop: MDA with Matt LeBlanc

This was a workshop held by the NYU Game Center that took all particpants through a game design framework known as MDA aka Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics. The two day workshop had us breakout into groups and work on game designs based on each part of MDA. The workshop provided a great understanding of how to build the foundation of a game and then add the aesthetic layer to give the game its complete feel. The thought is that the mechanics lead to dynamics that help create the aesthetic look and feel of a game.
Pace University, White Plains, NY
Degree: Masters of Science

Field: Computer Science

Courses: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, Game Programming, Software Engineering, Data Mining, Software Reliability
Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Major 1: Computer Science
Major 2: Studio Art - Computer Graphics Concentration

Courses: Computer Animation, Computer Graphics, Web Design, Intro to AI, Web Programming, Intro to Mobile Robotics, Database Design & Construction, C Programming
IGDA - International Game Developers Association
Special Interest Groups/Chapter:

-Unity SIG
-Artificial Intelligence SIG
-Quality Assurance SIG
-New York City Chapter
USTA - United States Tennis Association
6.0 Mixed Team - Captain - 2015 & 2016 Playoff Runs
3.0 Mens Team - Captain
3.5 Mens Team - Player